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MWI Animal Health Adds Telehealth Services to AllyDVM Client Engagement Platform

Addition of telehealth services enables vet practices to provide virtual care, helping improve pet owner access to care and treatment plan compliance


Conshohocken, Pa. (March 29, 2024)MWI Animal Health (MWI), a provider of state-of-the-art solutions and services for veterinary practices, and part of Cencora (formerly AmerisourceBergen), today announced the addition of technology that enables veterinary practices to provide telehealth services through its AllyDVM client engagement platform. By offering this technology, AllyDVM’s veterinary practice customers can extend a virtual care option to meet animal owners where they are, helping improve pet owners’ access to care while reducing demands placed on their staff.
Access to care remains a major hurdle among animal owners, with PetSmart Charities estimating that as of 2023 as many as 50 million pets in the U.S. do not receive adequate veterinary services.1 Owners can face a number of challenges in getting their animals the care they need, including distance, transportation, transit equipment, costs and more. AllyDVM’s telehealth solution helps veterinary practices remove those barriers by allowing them to provide virtual care, creating a seamless experience for patients and providers. 2
“One of the most important functions of our AllyDVM client engagement platform is to improve access to veterinary care,” says Julia Loew, Senior Vice President of Commercialization Services at MWI. “Our telehealth solution helps veterinary practices create connections that increase their clients’ treatment compliance while also reducing the time and space demands on their teams. By removing an additional barrier to care, we’re ensuring that it’s easier and more convenient than ever for owners to get their animals the care they need.”
The telehealth solution can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated into AllyDVM’s broader range of client engagement offerings, including its Retention Calendar and Client Communication solutions – all of which build upon each other to improve and expand the care available to patients.
Virtual care is accessible care, and AllyDVM’s telehealth solution offers important advantages to veterinary practices, including:
  • Improving care through easy access: Meeting animal owners where they are improves access to care and their client treatment compliance, engagement and retention – all while allowing veterinary practices to build connections with convenience.
  • Reducing demands on veterinary teams: Virtual care allows practices to comfortably connect veterinarians with animal owners, reducing the stress placed on practice staff by helping to mitigate demands on time and physical restrictions.
  • Increasing practice efficiency: Pet owners are less likely to cancel an online appointment when they are seeking an answer. Fewer cancelations lead to increased efficiency of the practice.
Click here to learn more about how AllyDVM’s telehealth solution, and wider client engagement platform, can improve your operations


Each veterinary practice is responsible for determining whether and how this solution may be utilized in their state.

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