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Cencora corporate headquarters

1 West First Ave
Conshohocken, PA 19428
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Customer service

Our top priority during this transition is to continue service without disruption and fulfill our promises to you. We do not anticipate any delays, but we will keep you informed if that changes. 

For now, this is only a name change at our parent entity level. Existing partnerships and contracts made with AmerisourceBergen, Alliance Healthcare, or other business subsidiaries remain valid and will be fulfilled as promised.

Over the coming months, we will work with you to update contracts as needed for renewal or for legal/compliance purposes.

Our current offerings will not be impacted, and you can expect the same quality products and services that you have for years.
Looking forward, we are excited about the possibility to expand and enhance our services thanks to this integration.

For now, there will be no changes to any of our portals, systems, or emails. As we migrate our internal operations, we will let you know of any changes that will impact how we conduct business day to day.

Be aware that our company email addresses will begin to reflect the new company name as early as October 1, 2023. To ensure continuity of communications, please have your organization update their spam filters for and continue to diligently monitor for fraudulent communications or attempts to breach your digital security.

About the Cencora brand

Cencora replaces AmerisourceBergen as our new parent company name. Our subsidiaries work across the healthcare system to make sure that people and animals around the world get the medications they need.

And while we do a whole lot more than get your medicine from point A to point B, keeping you healthy is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Cencora (pronounced sen-KOR-uh) stems from the words center, core, and heart in multiple languages.

It's a constant reminder of our customers, their patients, and team members at the center of everything we do. It represents the healthier futures we strive for.

For now, it’s very much business as usual. The only difference is that we are now all part of the broader Cencora organization.
Though some business units may experience the name change sooner than others, our services will continue to operate uninterrupted and, in time, even more seamlessly.


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Contact our businesses

Since our transition to Cencora is still in progress, you may still want to contact our businesses across AmerisourceBergen, Alliance Healthcare, World Courier, and other companies in our network. Use the links below to connect with those businesses directly. 

Alliance Healthcare

+ 44 (0)1932 870 550

ASD Healthcare

Phone: 1.800.746.6273

Besse Medical

Phone: 1. 888.711.5469

Cencora headquarters

Phone: 610.727.7000


Phone: 1.888.420.5457


Phone: 1.888.285.7481

Innomar Strategies

Phone: 1.888.420.5457

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

Phone: 1.877.570.8721

ION Oncology Practice Network

Phone: 1.888.536.7697

Micro Technologies

Phone: 1.800.858.4330

MWI Animal Health

Phone: 1.208.955.8930

MWI Animal Health UK

Oncology Supply

Phone: 1.888.711.5469

Securos Surgical

Specialty Practice Network

Phone: 1.888.536.7697

World Courier


Phone: 1.800.320.6497

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