Meet Cencora

“Building a unified brand is fundamental to our identity as a global healthcare company. We believe our new name better reflects who we are today and our impact across pharmaceutical care."
Steven H. Collis
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Cencora


[sen-ˈkȯr -uh]


  1. A leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization committed to improving the lives of people and animals everywhere.
  2. A company rooted in what is most important: keeping our customers, their patients, and our team members at the center of everything we do.
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The healthcare needs of the world are changing, and we’re evolving to meet them

Cencora brings the companies and services of AmerisourceBergen together under one new name.

Our shared identity unites us in our common purpose to create healthier futures and accelerate positive outcomes for our customers and their patients.

Branding inspiration

The Cencora name has connections to the words center, core, and heart across multiple languages. It's a constant reminder of our customers, their patients, and our team members at the center of everything we do. It represents the healthier futures we strive for.
Cencora logo
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Cencora logo

Principle-driven design

Cencora logo
To help us amplify our healthcare impact and global recognition, three core principles drive our vibrant branding elements.
Cencora is energizing. Our vibrant colors, dynamic gradients, and powerful imagery transmit the energy of our brand and a bright outlook of healthier futures for all.
We seek to inspire with our forward-thinking expression. Our messaging, visuals, and compositions encourage action for what we can accomplish together for healthcare.
We provide perspective across healthcare. We deliver confidence through our design expression and simple, authentic language.
Cencora logo

150+ years of innovation

Since our founder’s apprenticeship in 1871, Cencora has become a leader in pharmaceutical solutions. Over our 150 years, we’ve continued to invest in our core pharmaceutical distribution business while expanding our pharma and biopharma services. We're continuing to build solutions, products, and technologies that will reshape how we deliver healthcare.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Do you want to make a difference in the future of healthcare? Join Cencora at the forefront of health and technology with a rewarding, meaningful career. 
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