We’re reshaping how healthcare is delivered by investing in our industry’s innovators and building solutions to support them.

To create healthier futures, we have to look ahead

Our central role in the pharmaceutical supply chain gives us the opportunity to work across the care continuum, gaining valuable insight into the challenges being faced today, as well as what’s ahead. That in-depth understanding, when combined with our purpose and evolving knowledge of market trends, is what drives us to not only further innovation for the sake of improving current-day customer experiences, but also pave the way for more efficient healthcare delivery for years to come. Envisioning a better future is integral to our leadership and our dedication to partnering with innovators to bring cutting-edge solutions to care providers and expand access to therapies, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products.
A pharmacist consults with a another pharmacist while a patient waits behind the pharmacy counter.
A woman wearing gloves and a safety vest stacks medication boxes in a warehouse.
Two medical professionals wearing masks engage in discussion while standing in front of a laptop in a hospital setting. One is wearing a white lab coat. The other is wearing purple scrubs.

Investing in the future

We support the growth of leading-edge entrepreneurial businesses through Cencora Ventures, a $150 million corporate venture fund investing in emerging healthcare startup companies. The fund, and the dedicated team behind it, invest in and provide commercial support to emerging healthcare startup companies to help them maintain scalability as they grow.
A medical worker in full safety gear organizes medical supplies while sitting at a table.

Expanding our suite of solutions

We’re developing new offerings and making enhancements to our existing solutions to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow. For our pharmaceutical partners, that includes everything from commercialization strategy to clinical trial support so we can help them launch new therapies, enter untapped markets, and reach more people. For providers, we take a forward-thinking approach to prepare them for shifting market dynamics through data and analytics capabilities, business coaching, inventory management, legislative advocacy, and much more.
A doctor in a lab coat consults with two men in a healthcare setting while holding a laptop. To her right is a man wearing business professional attire. On the far right is a man wearing scrubs.

Applying process to progress

We have a dedicated team focused exclusively on creating best-in-class products and solutions. They gather ideas from all levels and all corners of the company and then use a rigorous stage gate process to design and test the best of the best. This enables us to continuously develop fresh concepts that have the potential to create healthier futures for our communities and drive new value for our customers, all while sparking innovation throughout our enterprise.
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Professional headshot of Jason Dinger.


Professional headshot of Jason Dinger.
“Foundational to Cencora’s strategy and growth goals is the ability to effectively create, manage, and launch new products and services. Our team of dedicated experts is focused on developing and scaling new products and solutions that address some of our customers' greatest challenges.”

Jason Dinger
SVP, Global Products and Solutions

Professional headshot of Jason Dinger.

Optimizing the supply chain of the future

In addition to making ongoing investments to continuously improve the efficiency of our distribution services, we’re integrating new technologies and solutions to accommodate the complexities that tomorrow’s biopharmaceuticals will bring.
A woman wearing gloves and a safety vest points to a shelf sign in a warehouse.

Unlocking the potential of emerging therapies and treatments

New advances are being made in medicine every day, and our goal is to facilitate those innovations by ensuring the patients who need them have access. This is especially complicated for specialty therapeutics like cell and gene, orphan, and oncology. Our expertise in these areas is helping us innovate in step with our partners.
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Professional headshot of Lung-I Chen.


Professional headshot of Lung-I Chen.
"Cencora has a proven history of bringing complex and transformative therapies to market. But like our cell and gene therapy partners, we're always looking ahead. We want to innovate because there will be new challenges as the field evolves. We are committed to co-creating innovative solutions to meet those challenges."

Lung-I Cheng
VP, Cell and Gene Therapy
Professional headshot of Lung-I Chen.

Innovation updates

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