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We're developing products and solutions that will reshape how we deliver healthcare.
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Partnering to deliver solutions at the center of healthcare

We live in an extraordinary era of healthcare, but it can be challenging to excel without the right partner. Cencora connects manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, and patients to help them seamlessly navigate the healthcare system from start to finish. Our experts can help you on every step of your journey, and together, we can achieve things in healthcare we never thought possible.
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Pharmaceutical value chain

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Animal health

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Global supply chain and logistics


Solutions for the pharmaceutical value chain

Cencora enables our customers to bring their aspirations, innovations, and essential services to patients around the world. Wherever your business fits in the healthcare continuum, we have industry-leading solutions that accelerate better outcomes from concept to delivery. 
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With an unrivaled portfolio of end-to-end solutions, Cencora is a valuable strategic partner. We leverage our depth of knowledge and our breadth of offerings around the world to unlock critical insights and deliver business-changing results for our pharma partners.


We believe in community care and know that pharmacy plays a key role in the lives of patients and the strength of any community. That’s why we offer services and programs that go the distance. That way, you can go the distance for your patients, whether you are looking for solutions for an independent pharmacy, a long-term care pharmacy, or a large retail pharmacy.

Health systems

We help health systems succeed in today's rapidly evolving healthcare environment. In addition to our core distribution services, we offer a broad portfolio of solutions to improve your health system's business performance, safety, and patient experience. 

Physician practices

We empower physician practices to deliver quality patient care today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. From access to life changing medicines to actionable data insights and marketing-leading specialty expertise, we build partnership that help practices thrive. 


Solutions for animal health

Cencora delivers industry-leading solutions for veterinarians, livestock producers, ag-retailers, and manufacturers that make a meaningful difference in their businesses and the health of animals. Our solutions and services are designed to help every aspect of animal health business, from supporting top-notch animal care and client experience to managing day-to-day operations.
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Animal health manufacturer services

We offer animal healthcare companies innovative solutions and a collaborative approach to helping you navigate the rapidly changing animal health industry.

Veterinary practices

Our lasting relationships with equine, small animal, and livestock veterinarians are built upon a deep understanding of the needs of clinical operations, from competitive pressures to growth strategies and more. 

Livestock management

We build relationships that are grounded in a strategic understanding of operational efficiencies involved in managing the health of livestock herds, big and small.

Ag retail

We help agriculture retailers by providing the variety of animal health products their customers demand as well as solutions for their storefront and operational needs. 


Solutions for global supply chain and logistics

Cencora provides operational efficiencies and distribution expertise so our customers can focus on what they do best. 
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Global supply chain and logistics

Cencora navigates logistics complexities with care, from customs requirements and regulatory contingencies to servicing countries with limited infrastructure. We ensure trials, gene therapies, and medicines of all types reach patients in need. 

Distribution services

Through our sophisticated supply chain solutions, we ensure medications reach their destinations all over the world. We help pharmacies and other care providers access the full-line and specialty products they need to care for their patients. 
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We're supporting a new era in healthcare innovation

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Cencora is helping to drive the healthcare industry's transformation by supporting innovative treatments and therapeutics, facilitating efficient clinical trials, and developing outcome-based financial models.
A pipette is dipped in a petri dish.

Clinical trials

With so many moving parts in your product’s clinical development, we offer essential solutions to help you succeed, including tracking inventory; managing clinical trial protocols; accessing targeted provider networks; temperature-controlled, time-sensitive storage and transportation logistics; and knowledge of international customs.

Digital therapeutics

As healthcare moves beyond traditional medicine and the digital therapeutics pipeline continues to expand, fulfillment methods need to be easy for patient adoption and provide physicians with visibility into patient use. 

Cell and gene therapies

We partner with manufacturers to address the unique challenges of bringing cell and gene therapies to market. We leverage our extensive expertise in specialty logistics, reimbursement, and patient support services to drive outcomes for our customers.

Commercialization services

Our team of international healthcare experts offers flexible, integrated capabilities to provide unmatched support worldwide. We use our deep industry knowledge and network of connections to help you to plan and execute your commercialization strategy.

How can we help?

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