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In 2023, AmerisourceBergen will change our name and bring Alliance Healthcare under the new name of Cencora.

Becoming Cencora

We're a leading pharmaceutical solutions organization centered on improving the health of people and animals around the world.

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Becoming Cencora is more than a name change.

It's a defining moment for our organization.

Our transformation elevates our ability to achieve our unwavering purpose:

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

Cencora combines resources for broader equity, sustainablity, and impact in healthcare.

The name is inspired by our customers, their patients, and our 44,000+ team members across the globe who are central to everything we do.

Our strength as a purpose-driven and partner-centric organization enables us to drive improved global access and better patient outcomes.

Our solutions

Our talented workforce provides leadership, expertise, and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for partners across the human and animal health fields worldwide.

R&D support

We support healthcare innovators—both large and small—who are researching and developing the treatments of the future.

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Clinical trial services

We design and execute customized end-to-end logistics and consulting programs for therapies in all phases of development, from research to commercialization.

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Commercialization support

Our team of international healthcare experts offers flexible, integrated capabilities to provide unmatched support worldwide.

Supply chain and logistics

We navigate logistics complexities with care, from customs requirements and regulatory contingencies to servicing countries with limited infrastructure. We ensure trials, gene therapies, and medicines of all types reach patients in need.

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Specialty care support

We offer solutions and insights that elevate the patient experience, enabling providers in specialty practices to focus on what matters most: providing the best possible care.

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Pharmacy support

We support all community providers, whether a retail pharmacy or grocery chain, long-term care, health system or community practice. We're here to help providers enable patient care close to home.

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Animal health support

We understand that the healthy lives of humans and animals are intrinsically linked. We deliver results for veterinarians, livestock producers, ag-retailers, and manufacturers that support their businesses and the health of animals.

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Distribution services

Through our sophisticated supply chain solutions, we ensure medications reach their destinations all over the world. We help pharmacies and other care providers access the full-line and specialty products they need to care for their patients.

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A new chapter is unfolding for our organization

Experience a preview of our future as Cencora

Ready for a new adventure?

As AmerisourceBergen and Alliance Healthcare become Cencora, great people can develop meaningful careers in communities everywhere. Explore opportunities in your region now.